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Sonadezi Long Binh holds Year end of 2019 and assigns the plan for 2020

Sonadezi Long Binh holds Year end of 2019 and assigns the plan for 2020

, 18/01/2020, 09:11 GMT+7

On January 15th, 2020, Sonadezi Long Binh Shareholding Company (stock code: SZB) held a meeting for Year end of 2019 and assign the plan for 2020.

At the Conference, with the spirit of encouragement and recognition of the staff's contributions, Sonadezi Long Binh commended 03 departments that conpleted their tasks in 2019, 04 outstadning staffs and individuals with innovations that are highly applicable, contributing to the performance of the Company.

The Chairman awarded 3 outstanding departments in 2019
General Director awarded 4 outstanding staffs in 2019

In 2019, with the efforts and contributions of 100 employees, SZB continues to maintain its growth momentum with revenue of VND 353 billion, after-tax profit of more than VND 90 billion and budget contribution of nearly VND 43 billion.

In particular, the infrastructure business with 04 industrial zones including Bien Hoa 2, Go Dau, Thanh Phu, and Xuan Loc has been operating stably and effectively, bringing revenue of nearly VND 203 billion, accounting for 58.4% total company revenue. Besides, the water suppying field contributed nearly VND 95 billion, accounting for 24.4% of the total revenue.

In addition, products of factories, offices for lease, residental land and other activities brought in nearly VND 60 billion in revenue. In which, it is noteworthy that office leasing activities at Sonadezi Long Binh Service Center Building with the occupancy rate after one year in operation is nearly 80%. This is a positive result and also a driving force for Sonadezi Long Binh to continue operating and exploiting the Service Center Building effectively, contributing to revenue growth in the following years.

In terms of project investment activities, Sonadezi Long Binh continues to speed up the compensation and infrastructure completion, design Factory for lease No. 2 in Thanh Phu Industrial Zone.

Also in 2019, Sonadezi Long Binh continues to spend part of the budget for maintenance, infrastructure care and security activities in Bien Hoa 2, Go Dau, Xuan Loc Industrial Zones. Although these IZs have filled the leased area, but with responsibility and efforts to maintain the commitment to quality of infrastructure and service to customers, Sonadezi Long Binh has always focused on reinvesting and upgrading infrastructure to ensure stable operation for businesses in the IZs.

At the meeting, the BOD of Sonadezi Long Binh shared about the development of the 2020 plan in the spirit of striving for growth. Accordingly, in 2020, Sonadezi Long Binh aims to achieve revenue of VND 353.4 billion, profit after tax of about VND 99 billion and payment to the state budget VND 44.2 billion.

The General Director awarded the 2020 plan to the Departments

Speaking at the meeting, the leader of Sonadezi Long Binh said: “The company respects, acknowledges and commends the results achieved by departments in 2019. In particular, the company highly appreciates and thanks for the connection, efforts and contributions of the staff. With the development foundation built in the past 10 years (2009 - 2019), entering 2020, Sonadezi Long Binh wants the staff to continue to unite and strive with the company to achieve the goal of maintaining growth, effectively deployed Thanh Phu Industrial Zone project and factory for rent in Chau Duc Industrial Zone. At the same time, strengthening the research and development of new projects and building a complete governance system in order to comply with and meet the provisions of the securities law, and disclose information transparency”.

Chairman said about the tasks of 2020
The year 2019 marked a major turning point in the operation of Sonadezi Long Binh with the event that SZB shares were officially listed on the Hanoi Stock Exchange on December 20th, 2019. As noted, the result of SZB share price increased to the ceiling price (30%) on the first day of trading and became a stock code attracting a lot of attention from investors since the listing until now.