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Sonadezi Long Binh holds Yearn end of 2022 and assigned the plan for 2023

Sonadezi Long Binh holds Yearn end of 2022 and assigned the plan for 2023

Thursday, 29/12/2022, 13:48 GMT+7

In the year of 2022 with many difficulties due to the influence of great changes in the world and the country, the Board of Directors and employees of Sonadezi Long Binh have made great efforts to implement the assigned plan. Although the targets of revenue and capital construction have not been achieved due to some objective factors, Sonadezi Long Binh has basically completed the main targets and is one of the units that exceed the profit after tax plan in the Sonadezi group.

Specifically, Sonadezi Long Binh's revenue is estimated at VND 369 billion, reaching 96.5% of the plan; profit after tax is estimated at nearly 106 billion dong, 2.3% higher than the year plan; contributes nearly 50 billion dong to the state budget, 8.0% higher than the year plan.

In the past few year, Sonadezi Long Binh has attracted some FDI projects into Thanh Phu and Xuan Loc Industrial Parks; promote the construction of factories to diversify products provided to customers and continue to inovate infrastructure to improve product and service quality.

Continuing to promote social responsibility, Sonadezi Long Binh has participated and organized many social charity activities. These include typical activities such as giving Tet gifts to difficult people; taking care of poor families facing difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, participating in supporting the Agent Orange Victims Fund and the Fund for the Poor ….

At the conference, Board of Directors praised Departments for completing their tasks in production and business activities in 2022.

In 2023, Sonadezi Long Binh is expected to achieve revenue of about VND 390 billion, profit after tax of about VND 111.5 billion and contribute VND 47 billion to the state budget.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Chuyen - General Director assign the plan to Departments for 2023

Sonadezi Long Binh's Board of Director said that in addition to the goal of well implementing business plans, an important goal of Sonadezi Long Binh in 2023 is to improve the ability to improvise, be proactive and be ready for change and fluctuation. To achieve this, Sonadezi Long Binh will promote digital transformation and human resource development to optimize business operations and improve management quality.

In investment activities, Sonadezi Long Binh focuses on exploiting and leasing land funds in Xuan Loc and Thanh Phu Industrial Parks and factories in Chau Duc and Thanh Phu Industrial Parks. At the same time, Sonadezi Long Binh focuses on protecting healthy and safe cash flow; continue to promote research and development of new projects.