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Sonadezi pushes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during the pandemic

Sonadezi pushes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during the pandemic

Friday, 30/07/2021, 13:38 GMT+7

Currently, the majority goal is to protect human resources, and stand side by side with customers, people and the community to overcome difficult and fluctuate situation.

With the main industry fields of industrial, civil real estate and 3 other industry groups: construction and building materials, support services, water supply, Sonadezi and 17 members as well affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with unprecedented difficulties, plans must change hour by hour according to disease spreading, but with ongoing CSR activities, Sonadezi shows, the "common value" of the Sonadezi group, Sonadezi and its members uphold corporate social responsibility.

50% discount on water for concentrated isolation areas

In order to support and share difficulties with customers in the prevention and control of Covid-19 in Dong Nai province. On the behalf of Sonadezi’s member, Dong Nai Water Supply Joint Stock Company (Dowaco) decided to reduce 50% Water bills in period 7 and 8/2021 for concentrated isolation areas in the area, which are in charge of water supply by Dowaco.

The water bill in concentrated isolation areas of Dong Nai province will be reduced by Dowaco

There are currently about 12 concentrated isolation areas in Dong Nai that water bill will be reduced in accordance with this project. In the upcoming time, Dowaco will continue to update new concentrated isolation areas so that other branches and subsidiaries can actively reduce water bills for customers.

Protect the frontline force in the supply of essential goods

Another member of Sonadezi, D2D Company, is aiming to inject Covid-19 vaccine for nearly 1,000 small shopkeepers in Long Thanh market (Dong Nai). Thereby, helping small businesses stay safe, healthy and stay on the front line to serve people during the pandemic. D2D is also the first enterprise in the province to sponsor vaccines for small shopkeepers in traditional markets.

Mr. Ho Duc Thanh - General Director of D2D shared: "In both epidemic prevention, control and providing essential goods to the people, no one is more directly involved with this "mission" than a small shopkeeper. If there is a frontline against the epidemic, this force will be the front line in food supplying. Equipping small shopkeepers with a vaccine "shield" is essential to protect traditional markets and avoid having to close a vary of markets because of the spread of disease.

D2D desires for injecting vaccine Covid-19 for small shopkeepers in market

Currently, in order to support small shopkeeper in Long Thanh market during a difficult period, D2D will reduce 50% of space rent in July and August 2021 for business households. At the same time, free rental of premises from July to September for small businesses that have temporarily stopped doing business to prevent and control the epidemic.

Overcoming difficulties in the epidemic center to protect the environment

Sonadezi group currently has Sonadezi Service Joint Stock Company (SDV) and Sonadezi Environment Joint Stock Company (SZE) which are two units operating in the field of environmental protection, including collection, transportation and treatment, waste treatment. During the epidemic season, the workload increases and the working environment is also at a higher risk of infection, especially for each subsidiary with employees who are directly involved in the collection, transportation and treatment of medical waste like SDV Company. Therefore, in addition to great pressure in performing tasks in areas with complicated epidemic developments, subsidiaries have constant concerns about the safety and health of workers.

However, with flexible response solutions and the efforts of employees, the waste collection, transportation and treatment of the subsidiaries still ensure the capacity and compliance with regulations, contributing to the protection of waste. environment, avoiding the source of infection in the community and ensuring the health and safety of workers.

SDV workers collect and transport infectious medical waste (at Field Hospital No. 5 - Trang Bom district) for treatment at Quang Trung wastewater treatment zone

SDV Company said that currently SDV's Quang Trung Waste Treatment Area (Waste Treatment Center) is receiving and treating domestic waste for 07 districts and Long Khanh City, a part of waste generated from Bien Hoa City and customers in Dong Nai province. At the same time, SDV is collecting and transporting medical waste and other types of waste generated in concentrated isolation areas, medical isolation areas, and blockades in 09 districts, Bien Hoa City, Long Khanh City and a number of businesses have Covid-19 infections

Facing the changing service performance conditions due to the impact of the epidemic and performing additional tasks of collecting, transporting and treating medical waste arising from the Covid-19 epidemic, Quang Trung WTC still maintains stable operation, even during the time when the project site, Quang Trung commune (Thong Nhat district), was blocked. This result is due to the preparation of response plans, timely changes, the organization of collection, transportation and treatment activities in accordance with regulations for each type of waste and in accordance with the regulations of the law and the facts condition during the pandemic…

It is known that in order to protect the health of employees, SDV has focused on investing in, equipping laborers with suitable work characteristics, prioritizing Covid-19 vaccination and weekly screening tests for the team that directly collect, transport and treat waste.

To further ensure safety for employees involved in the process of collecting, transporting and treating waste, especially medical waste in concentrated isolation and blockade areas, Mr. Tran Anh Dzung - General Director The SDV believes that an even higher level of care and protection is needed because the risk of infection is so high. Mr. Dzung suggested that this workforce should be included in the high-risk group to prioritize Covid-19 vaccination and should be equipped with specialized and specialized equipment and protective gear to ensure safety. health for human resources directly performing waste collection, transportation and treatment.

At SZE, the subsidiary is collecting and transporting domestic waste from 29 wards and communes in Bien Hoa city and transshipping domestic waste in Vinh Cuu and Long Thanh districts. In the context of complicated epidemic developments in Dong Nai, many wards and communes having to undergo medical isolation, SZE faced the biggest difficulty was the shortage of personnel due to many collaborators residing in isolated areas that could not go to work.

For example, the case of 23-collaborator living in Thanh Phu commune, Vinh Cuu district had to temporarily stop working because Thanh Phu commune was blocked. Meanwhile, these collaborators are in charge of collecting domestic waste in 09 wards (about 21,000 households). Before the decrease in number of collaborators, the company's specialized vehicle force has increased around the clock, at the same time, the labor force collecting and transporting waste has tried to double its capacity to carry out the whole duties of the collaborators are being blocked and isolated.

SZE workers are picking up trash at Quyet Thang Park, Bien Hoa City

SZE leaders said that the cost of carrying out environmental cleaning during the epidemic season also incurred a lot due to the need to increase disinfecting spray for the amount of garbage collected from lockdown and isolated areas; organizing that implement "3 on-site", strengthening the equipment of labor protection equipment, periodic screening tests for workers... However, SZE's biggest goal is to ensure safety for workers and perform of the SZE’s mission well.

Researching policies to support industrial customers

In the field of industrial zone (IZ) infrastructure, Sonadezi Corporation is considering and reviewing the epidemic situation in order to having a policy to support customers facing difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. In addition, contributing to assisting organizations maintain production jobs and income for the workforce.

Sonadezi Corporation is considering a policy to support customers in difficulty

On top of that, Sonadezi Corporation is also ready to support the health sector of Dong Nai province to requisition a number of suitable positions in industrial zones to serve as locations to deploy activities for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Leaders of Sonadezi Corporation said that such activities are part of the CSR implementation program of the Sonadezi Corporation. Currently, besides, accompanying and supporting epidemic prevention and control activities in localities and Dong Nai Province, in particular, Sonadezi focuses on well implementing epidemic prevention and control throughout the Corporation. At the same time, Sonadezi strives to overcome difficulties in production and business to maintain stable employment and income of nearly 4,000 employees and continue to accumulate budget for CSR activities of the whole corporation.