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Employee Conference & Implementing the 2021 plan of Sonadezi Long Binh

Employee Conference & Implementing the 2021 plan of Sonadezi Long Binh

Monday, 08/02/2021, 15:09 GMT+7

Summarizing a year of many difficulties and challenges due to the impact of the Covid epidemic, Sonadezi Long Binh continues to grow and is an enterprise that actively cares for employees, well performs social responsibility.


       Accordingly, in 2020 Sonadezi Long Binh exceeded the plan and grew compared to 2019 with a total revenue of more than 365 billion VND, reaching 103.36% of the plan and exceeding 5.1% over the same period; earning after tax was nearly 113 billion VND, reaching 115.12% of the plan and increasing 24.5% over the same period; contributed to the State budget more than 62 billion VND, reached 140.64% of the plan and exceeded 38.1% over the same period.

Another outstanding activity of Sonadezi Long Binh is caring for employees to create the best working environment for employees. With this effort, Sonadezi Long Binh has been commended by Sonadezi Corporation as a typical unit in paying attention to welfare benefits for employees in 2020. In addition, the company has also carried out many activities to share and accompany the community such as supporting funding for Covid epidemic prevention, supporting the people in the Central region during the historic flood, and awarding scholarships to poor students. and sponsoring computer classrooms for schools ... with a total cost of about 2.0 billion.

In 2021, Sonadezi Long Binh strives to achieve revenue of about 374 billion VND, profit after tax of about 108 billion VND, contributing to the state budget 44.5 billion VND. In terms of business implementation and project investment, the company focuses on efficiently exploiting land fund eligible for lease in industrial zones; try to speed up the ground clearance compensation in Thanh Phu Industrial Park to increase the clean land fund as soon as possible, ready to meet the needs of investors. At the same time, continue to search and develop new projects to create a premise for Sonadezi Long Binh's growth in the coming period.