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Sonadezi Long Binh develops diversity factory for rent

Sonadezi Long Binh develops diversity factory for rent

Tuesday, 09/06/2020, 08:55 GMT+7

The great opportunity from FDI inflows is shifting into Vietnam and the expansion from investors in leasing the new factories is creating a driving force for the industrial factory for rentals market.

Sonadezi Long Binh, the infrastructure company that managing and exploiting more than 860 hectares of industrial land in Bien Hoa 2 IZ, Go Dau IZ, Xuan Loc IZ and Thanh Phu IZ. And Chau Duc IZ is also restructuring its products to meet the needs of the market in a new phase. Accordingly, in addition to the traditional product of industrial land for lease, Sonadezi Long Binh spends a part of the land fund in Thanh Phu Industrial Zone (Vinh Cuu, Dong Nai) and Chau Duc Industrial Zone (Ba Ria, Vung Tau) to develop factory for rent.

Firstly, in Thanh Phu Industrial Zone, Sonadezi Long Binh is speeding up the construction of a factory cluster with a size of about 12,600 m2. Each factory includes main factory 02 floors, offices and complete auxiliary works.

In Chau Duc Industrial Zone, with a land area of more than 10 hectares, Sonadezi Long Binh is also deploying an industrial factory for rent with a diversified development orientation of space, functions, ready built or built according to customer requirements.

According to Sonadezi Long Binh, the implementation time and cost are important factors to be considered in the investment decisions of FDI enterprises. In fact, for new projects investing in Vietnam, using pre-built factories, integrated with support facilities is a more cost-effective and time-beneficial option than the projects that investors self-build.

Sonadezi Long Binh also added that the ready-built factories are designed to be versatile, flexible and have a solid, modern structure, focusing on cost-saving factors for customers and environmental friendliness will attract good investment. Over the past time, Sonadezi Long Binh's ready-built factories in Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Zone, Thanh Phu Industrial Zone have been leased quickly because they meet these criteria.

According to forecasts, the real estate market of Vietnam industrial zones will grow strongly in the near future. In which, products of factories and built-in warehouses have great potentials for development due to many favorable factors. Specifically, the supply chain diversification strategy and the production shifting wave of FDI enterprises into Vietnam together with the strong development of e-commerce with the need to expand storage space, logistics will promote the growth of the factory market.

With this opportunity, Sonadezi Long Binh identified that the next time will be the time for high-rise products, ready-built factories integrating 4.0 technology and services, especially in areas with industrial land supply is increasingly limited such as Bien Hoa and a number of urban areas and neighboring localities. Therefore, Sonadezi Long Binh proactively diversifies and improves product quality to suit market trends and meet customers' needs.