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Sonadezi Long Binh celebrated 13 years of establishment

Sonadezi Long Binh celebrated 13 years of establishment

Thursday, 07/07/2022, 13:22 GMT+7

On July 1, 2022, Sonadezi Long Binh Shareholding Company (SZB) celebrated 13 years of establishment. On this occasion, SZB organized many activities such as sports, teambuilding, staff birthdays in the quarter ... to show gratitude and enhance the cohesion among staffs.

Speaking at the Gala to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the company's establishment, SZB's leaders respectfully acknowledged and thanked the contributions of all employees: " In order to have a strong SZB identity, it is not easy to measure the achievements, effort, dedication and affection that generations of employees have devoted to the company. In the past 13 years, the strengths and dedication of each member have resonated to create and develop the value of SZB. And especially, on SZB 's 13th birthday, there are still many familiar faces who have been with the company since the early days. Even for those who have switched to a new unit, there are still affection and companionship in many ways ”.

13 years ago, SZB was established with the task of receiving and operating 3 industrial zones of Sonadezi Corporation, namely Bien Hoa 2, Go Dau and Xuan Loc. Over the past 13 years, SZB has strived to promote the value of the foundation inherited from Sonadezi, maintain its commitment to service quality and improve the efficiency of exploitation of projects transferred by Sonadezi. At the same time, with the accumulation of experience and resources, Sonadezi Long Binh has gradually expanded the scope of activities and improved the company's capacity. Thereby, developing the scale, profit and increasing the brand value of Sonadezi Long Binh.

In the upcoming time, SZB will continue to strive to complete important goals such as well exploiting the vacant land fund in Xuan Loc Industrial Park, Thanh Phu Industrial Park and the leased land fund in Chau Duc Industrial Park, and at the same time researching and investing invest in new projects to create momentum for the company in the coming years.