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Friday, 30/06/2023, 16:44 GMT+7

With 14 years of development efforts (July 1, 2009-July 1, 2023), Sonadezi Long Binh is now a reputable industrial park infrastructure enterprise in Dong Nai, as well as a transparent listed company that has good governance quality on the stock exchange.

Speaking at the celebration, Sonadezi Long Binh's BODs reviewed the history and journey over the past 14 years. Up to now, after the process of operating and effectively exploiting 3 industrial parks of Bien Hoa 2, Go Dau, Xuan Loc and investing and developing industrial land funds in Thanh Phu Industrial Park, Chau Duc Industrial Park, Sonadezi Long Binh owns nearly 900 hectares of industrial land and investment cooperation in Tan Duc Industrial Park in Binh Thuan province. In addition, the company has gradually formed an industrial park ecosystem with a diverse system of utility services and promoted the development of factory products for rent.

BODs taking souvenir pictures at the ceremony

Efficiency from industrial parks, residential areas and other business activities has helped Sonadezi Long Binh preserve and develop capital resources, ensure stability, long-term development and bring a lot of value to customers, shareholders, localities.

At the ceremony, Sonadezi Long Binh BODs respectfully acknowledged and expressed gratitude to generations of leaders and employees who have joined hands to build and develop the company. At the same time, SZB BODs emphasized: "Hopefully, the spirit of "Connecting strength - Connecting success" will be continued more deeply and strongly by the staff in the coming period, a period many difficulties and fluctuations in the general context and challenges from the each goal we set, which is to invest, develop new projects and continue to grow."

Also within the ceremony, Sonadezi Long Binh awarded prizes to teams and individuals who actively participated and achieved high achievements in activities to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the company establishment such as online walking tournament, soccer tournament, men's and women's soccer tournament...


BODs awards prizes for activities.